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Erectile dysfunction

A fairly common problem in males is associated with erectile dysfunction. From year to year, the only problem is growing rapidly. According to statistics, every tenth man in the age of 21 suffers from erectile dysfunction. And now the age limit has close to 28 years. This problem causes serious injury not only on a psychological level, but may indicate serious health problems.

Types of erectile dysfunction

There are several types erectile dysfunction - primary and secondary. The primary form of this problem is due to a permanent lack of erection. Male physiologically capable of arousal at any time. A secondary is a fragmentary ability to have an erection. Sexual activity in men with such an erection may last for quite a long time without any obvious problems. There is a third form of erectile dysfunction is a selective - buy generic viagra ! This type is characterized by the fact that the initiation of men affect the life circumstances. When some erectile problem does not occur, and if occurs in full.

Causes of erectile dysfunction

The incapacity of men in the intimate sphere is affected by quite many factors. More common of these is psychogenic factor. All this affects stress, alcohol, long and protracted depression, stress, addiction. The same reasons may be purely individual disorders of man at the level of the psyche, such as fear of closed spaces, irrational fears and worries. And the most common cause of erectile dysfunction is associated with a complete lack of confidence in intimate relationships, available doubt at the expense of sexual technique and full sexual impotence.

Also significantly affect impotence neurogenic causes. Such manifestations simply need to see the physician. Such deviations include: poor circulation of the brain, spinal cord disease, Parkinson's disease and other diseases requiring urgent medical intervention.

The endocrine system, is also a cause of erectile dysfunction. This includes diabetes, disease of endocrine glands, diseases of vessels. And this list of diseases is far from complete. The cause of such dysfunction is Smoking, obesity, hypertension and as a result, you receive the atherosclerotic lesion of arteries of the penis.

Nowadays fast pace of life entirely captures the man, and he is not able to fully relax and gain strength. Besides developing prolonged depression and stress and this, of course, leads to the fact that a person begins to take a variety of soothing and restores the drugs. All this has a negative effect on erection. But if taking sedatives to stop that soon all will return to normal and recover.

Quite often all the causes come together and are combined in nature. Much worsen the disease can several combined reasons. For example, the main problem is imposed and another psychological cause, making the disease even worse. Moreover, often psychological problems have a serious impact. And then sex life is getting worse even after full recovery.

Erectile dysfunction treatment

On the background of this disease the quality of life is deteriorating. In our world of medicine has made incredible strides, and so be sure to consult a doctor. There is a set of procedures that will positively affect the whole body, thereby curing and erectile dysfunction. In addition to medical treatment, there is surgery, which leads to the solution of problems with erection.

In order not to deal with erectile dysfunction need to fully implement not tricky prescriptions. Proper diet, regular sex life, presence in the life of athletic training and the lack of alcoholic beverages, Smoking and drugs, all this will protect the male system. In addition, you should always maintain overall health. All of these simple rules will save you from erectile dysfunction.